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Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra, The Ancient Indian Science of Structure is Popularly Believed to Promise Prosperity but Actually Vastu is Only an Attempt at Raising Your Quality of Life

Vastu Shastra or Vastu Vidya is the knowledge of the layout of a building that would bring peace and prosperity to the people who live there. People spend a huge amount of their time inside a building – be it their home, offices, shops, malls, temples, etc. and therefore, it becomes important that the vibes produced by that place are positive and healthy. Have you experienced sudden anxiety the moment you enter a new place? Many times you get so uncomfortable that you feel like rushing out to get some fresh air. This is what mostly happens when you enter a building that is not Vastu-compliant. Therefore, by incorporating Vastu tips, you can provide all the people who enter your place, a “feel-good” experience.

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Vastu Advisor

We are advise for your  Vastu positive tentative room plans for your clients Home, Commercial and Industrial properties ..

Kundli/Janmpatri Specialist

The future, past and present of a person can be known through the horoscope. Therefore, people go to an astrologer to know about their horoscope. 


We Provide Numerology  Facility, Compute your Life Path Number, Soul Urge Number, and Expression Number dependent on just your name and birth date with our Numerology Calculator.


We Predict Your Future According to Deep Study of a Person’s Unique  Traits Right form the Moment He or She is Born and native’s Strengths and Weakness and Life Ahead etc. 

Happy Customers

We help that has put a consumer loyalty’s initially is decisively the thoughtful you’ll need to point towards..

"My Son was Facing Problems in Delayed Marriage and After Seeking Him Vastu Consultation Where He Just Told me to Immediatly Results Started Pouring in and My Son Got Married Without Any Problem."
Mrs. Mamta Shekhar Chavan
Navi Mumbai
"My Child is the Brightest Student of his School in math. I Changed his Study Room and Followed Some Basic Rule as per Directed by Mann:Shanti. I am Thankful to him for Inimitable Advance."
Santoshi Raghuvanshi

Always Keep Them Clean, Let Them Clean, Let Them Shine & Glow, Dirty Doors & Windows Obstruct the money Flow.